Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Hopeful Heart !

I'm sorry this post is so late this week.  I just finished my pages last night and wanted to post them before I added the new theme.  Baby pictures always make me feel hopeful. I love modern baby pictures, retro baby pictures, and especially vintage cabinet card baby pictures.  Those fresh little faces are so full of promise and  the mysteries of the path ahead.  I adore how the babies were ALL dressed in ruffled, elaborate christening gowns.  The little boys wore dresses until they graduated to short pants.  I have not researched this, but it makes sense that with many babies it was economical to only have ONE style of baby clothes for boys and girls.  I suspect the MAIN reason for the dresses was for ease of diaper changing and potty training!  So, when I went to do my Hope pages I couldn't help thinking of my own precious baby faces.  My oldest will turn 22 this month and my "baby" is 14 1/2 and towers over me!  But the hope I have for them is ever present.  I hope that the work I have dedicated myself to for 20 plus years is a small ripple in the biggest pond.  I hope that I can still plant seeds of the love of reading, writing stories, poetry, making art, and expressing ideas.  
This week's theme is  MY SPIRIT ANIMAL, what animal do you find yourself drawn to?
Do you feel like you would like to be a certain animal?  What traits or characterisitics do you admire or wish to have?  Make a journal page that tells the story of your spirit animal.
Please let me know when you've posted your page or want to share it here. I'd love to see what animal represents YOU!


Diana Evans said...

these pages are so beautiful!!!

Diane said...

These are beautiful, Jen.

shabby*girl said...

Hello, Jennifer!
Thank you so much for your concerns! I am okay...I promise! I am just in a not so healthy environment at this time and really need to move out, the sooner, the better. I am in no danger whatsoever, I just need to move forward. Time for change! Thank you again! I love your blog! Your friend, Missy

shabby*girl said...

Thank You, Jenn!
You are a sweetie!