Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Map of my heart and a new theme!!!

I did finish my journal page last night and here it is.  Did anyone else want to share the map of their heart?  For Valentine's Day my husband brought home a beautiful journal and pledged to 
write back and forth with me for the next year! He's a keeper, that one!  
For this week's theme I was influenced by our sudden dive into the world of Facebook! Lots of lists of favorites, funny name games and such are all over Facebook. I got tagged to write down the 25 most influential albums of my life. I had my hubby do it first because he has a brain like that.  So, this week's theme is The Soundtrack of Your LIFE. What music speaks to you personally? What song is YOUR SONG? What music brings back vivid memories of a time or place?  Do you play or write music? I can't wait to "hear" what you create in your journals.


Diane said...

Very sweet, Jen. You have a big heart full of love.
Hugs, Diane

catieann said...

i love your sharing of your journal pages. Thank you for putting yourself out there for the rest of us

Clevelandgirlie said...

Hi Jen. I love this one. What a beautiful heart you have. I keep watching you and guess what? I've painted 8 pages. All I have to do is write on them. It's not my nature to journal - and I'm trying - I keep working with it. I'm having fun painting the pages - now I just have to spill my guts!