Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's Heeeeeerrrrrrreeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

I got a wonderful surprise in the mail this week! A brand new publication from Stampington called Create With Me. This magazine is dedicated to celebrating artistic experiences with children. I have a four- page piece featuring the artwork of my after-school art club students. I am going to present them with their own copies at our year-end party next week. The magazine is just gorgeous and is filled with inspirational
ideas for art adventures with young artists. It is going to available July 1st.

You can order a copy at If you do check out my article on page 52 and let me know what you think! My kids are going to be so jazzed about seeing their art and names in print!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Stamp Carving Workshop Fun!

Last Sunday I had a stamp carving workshop at my house. My friend, Wendy Gault, is a master stamp carver and she volunteered to teach us how to get started. She gave us a ton of information on the history, tools, letterboxing, as well as stamp carving tips.
Melanie, Kaylee, Julie, Sera, and I carved our first stamps and made ATCs for everyone to take home with them. Wendy made an ATC from her hand-carved stamp ( but I think she had already carved it before the workshop). Can you tell which ACWendy carved? She likes to take photos of landscapes and turn them into intricate line drawings that she carves into stamps. Everyone had a great time and we took a break to eat lunch together. Wendy is a great teacher and we were all impressed with our amateur efforts. That night I carved 2 more stamps. I made the little fairy baby and then I
carved a self-portrait stamp from a Photo Booth pic I printed out. I experiemented with different combinations of ink and tracing the stamped image with black fine line marker. Thanks Wendy for a wonderful workshop! I am excited about all the ideas I have to carve my own original stamps.