Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Greetings!

I made a few Thanksgiving cards for my family this year. The components came from Paula's Kit Club. I was a member for several years and I treasure all of my lovely themed kits! I wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving . Surround yourselves with loved ones and be happy with what you have! I am so thankful for the love, friendship and art that fills my life!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas Card Workshop Designs 2010

I have been busy this week making preperations for my annual Christmas Card workshop extravaganza!
I invite my friends from work and my family to make Christmas cards. I design 5 new designs every year. When I started this tradition I assumed everyone who came really wanted to learn new cool techniques. But, I soon found out that, NO, not everyone is handy with the scissors and glue. So...
I got with the program and I prepare lots of the elements ahead of time and my frinds have fun coloring and putting the pieces together. We have dinner and drinks and spend a few hours making handmade holiday cards. Of course, I have to make sure they get a good start before I serve any cocktails!!!!! My party is tomorrow evening and I will try to post some pics of the festivities.