Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm Baaack from New York!

I made it back Tuesday night and went straight back to work while trying to adjust 
to the time difference.  We had a fabulous short trip and managed to squeeze lots of " touristy" stuff in as well as enjoying Jamison's showcase!  The weather was absolutely gorgeous and everyone was very friendly and helpful.  My son did a great job in his show and his entire class was phenomenal!   We spent a few hours at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and I will plan to spend an entire DAY next time I go.  We stayed in Times Square and the energy there is so electric and different from where we live.
I was determined to spend some time in Central Park and was delighted to find it better in every way than I had imagined. It was so well-cared for and sparklingly clean. It truly is an oasis in that crowded city and I would LOVE to have anything close to that here. I am hoping to catch my breath this weekend and get back to posting more often.