Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Face In The Crowd- Sketchbook progress

Here are a few of my latest drawings for the Sketchbook Project. I have about 20 pages left to fill before I mail it off to the Brooklyn Art Library. It is due in early January so I know I can get it finished. I am working on the 3/4 profile. The hardest part is getting the eyes right because it is not as symmetrical as a front view. Sometimes my eyes come out a little cross-eyes looking! I've enjoyed
this project and I do feel like I've gotten better. I like coloring with colored pencils and I know I need to learn to blend my colors more.

Welcome 2 new dolls!

I made this card to welcome my dear friends latest granddaughter. Congratulations Bonnie, Michael, Grandma and Grandpa!!!!
My cousin Tina made her very first art doll when I kidnapped her and forced her to go to the workshop with me. I totally LOVE what she created! Awesome job, girl!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Last weekend I spent a sunny Sunday making ART DOLLS at Wendy's in Torrence. She was hosting a mixed-media artist group that meets regularly to teach techniques to each other.
I convinced my cousin,Tina, to come with me and give it a try. We had such a fun day putting our dolls together. Our hostess Wendy had the wooden blocks (which were made to hold rubber stamps but she scored them stampless) and paintbrushes which made the body and the head of the dolls. Next, we shared the goodies we all brought and decided what to attach for arms, legs, hair, wings, etc. All of the dolls turned out so differently ! You can really customize this project by using your own buttons, charms, symbols, to make a gift that holds personal meaning.
Wendy is putting together kits that she will sell in her ETSY shop. I am going to buy a few for my next art get together. The kits contain all the basic components and you can customize it with your own colors and embellishments! Tina's doll came out so cool I was jealous! I will post a picture of hers as soon as I get it.