Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Look at my One World One Heart Giveaways!!!!

I was thrilled to win 3 OWOH giveaways this month!!! Here are the 2 I've recieved so far!The delightful felt bird holds a heart quilt made from tiny map fabric and a ruby red bead hangs from the heart. I just love it and it flew in from Charlene at Puddle of Grace. Thanks!
The Believe wallhanging was made by Cinda at Turquoise Cro.  I love the girl drawn with embroidery stiches!  She even has hugs and kisses stitched onto her skirt. Thanks so much!
I have heard from  3 of the 4 winners I sent to. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the 4th package arrives safe and sound! This has been such a fun, uplifting event and I am happy Lisa cam up with it and that I was able to play this year!!!!


~Barb~ said...

Nice loot! I love seeing others creativity and you've got some wonderful stuff there.
Peace, Love & Art,

Puddle of Grace said...

My daughter (who chose this bird for you) was excited to see the picture posted on your blog! She even shared the story of watching me make it and helping me package and mail it off with her preschool teachers! They have been studying a unit on the 'post office' and practicing writing and mailing letters to eachother... so this whole experience was fun for her to be a part of it!

Two Dresses Studio said...

Heh JEN!
I just saw your work in SOMERSET!! fabULOUSSS!!!

Two Dresses Studio said...

Great LOOT! So sweet!

turquoise cro said...

awwwWWWW! I'm GLAD YOU like your stitchery from WV!!! Cawwwwww Cawwwww! Love your birthday card to your son!!! SWEET!