Friday, August 12, 2011

Goodbye Samson!

Yesterday we had to make the decision to say goodbye to our beautiful lab Samson after trying desperately to save him. He spent 5 nights at the vets and didn't get any better. He had stopped eating and didn't even respond after the first time we visited him. We found him 5 years ago and he had been a street dog for awhile. He was so skinny and was used to begging for food. We took him to our vet and he had a microchip. They contacted the previous owners and they said, "That dog ran away months ago, you can keep him". He was housebroken and had been fixed. He walked on the leash much better than our pedigreed, trained lab, Maggie May! He was so pretty but we all learned that Maggie was the brains of the operation. We called Samson our male model. He still thought of himself as a cute little puppy and would try to actually climb up on people's laps! All 95 pounds of him!Our family and friends will miss him, but I am glad we had him for 5 years and he had a nice life with us!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

New journal pages from old paintings

In one of my artist yahoo groups we were exchanging 8 x 8 journal pages. I was behind the
deadline and I needed to get on the ball. I had recently dug out my portfolio from the one and only college art class I had taken. It was filled with large watercolor and acrylic paintings.
They were done on quality paper but the results were not frame-worthy! So....I stole someone else's idea of cutting up old artwork to make journal pages. They made great backgrounds to get started. I used stencils and spray inks and added collage elements and words. I also made 26 tags to send out and they actually got sent BEFORE the due date, miracles never cease!
I will share more of the tags in another post. I tried to leave plenty of room on the pages for the artist's to add their own journaling . If you can't read the tiny collage phrases click on the photos to enlarge them.