Monday, April 27, 2009

The Lowdown on Mermaid Love !!!!

I promised I would tell you all about my mermaid workshop and I am a girl of my word!  I am completely exhausted after all the excitement this weekend and hauling my booty to work this morning.
constant buzz of  abundant creativity, the weather, the TONS of glorious art supplies and even more STUNNING works of art, and most of all ...  my new BFF SUZI BLU herself! 
Here is my mermaid girl and I loved adding all the texture and glittery stuff.  Adding the final  beeswax layer was really scary, but fun!  I did not get any facetime with Diva Gigi because she was not loving all the people invading her space. She did finally warm up to a select few persistant doggie lovers. I love dogs as much as anyone,  but I am too lazy to work really hard
at winning them over!  I am going to have to post the group photo Suzi took so I can show you ALL the cool new friends I made.  I was so impressed with how well this large group meshed.
Everyone was friendly and fun and very generous in every way!  

Thank you Suzi and all the mermaids for a truly magical experience that I feel fortunate to have been blessed with!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sniffing out a new journal theme...

Have you heard that certain smells trigger your memory more than any other sensory stimulus?  I was thinking about that when I  decided to journal my top ten personal list of sensational scents.  I didn't have any trouble thinking of smells that triggered good feelings, but I edited a few that others might think are weird!  What smells just make you happy?  List the odors that remind you
of things and places and even people  you love.  The journaling on  my last two got cut off.   9 says "The mix of ocean breezes,salt-water and sunbathers at the beach.  Number 10 is chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven.  Of course, when I told my husband what I was listing he asked about my weird one first, LOL.  If you leave a comment here and want to know I'll let you in on my sniffing secret.