Sunday, January 11, 2009

How's YOUR balancing act?

Look! I finished my pages this week! Which is impressive since I was in an all-day writing class yesterday.  The writing class was geared for teachers, but focused on writing for ourselves in order to understand what we ask kids to write.  We did a fun exercise called "found poetry,"  This works- but you have to give yourself a strict time limit. We would drive ourselves crazy if we took time to ponder over this one!  Try to talk someone else into doing it with you ( my husband  and 14 year old son declined this offer last night, hmph!) .  Give yourself 5 minutes to cut out random words ( nouns, adjectives, verbs and conjunctions,  and, if, but, etc.) You will need about 10 of each. Don't worry about them going together or making sense!  We used magazines and newspapers.  Then give yourself another 5-10 minutes to arrange them on plain piece of paper into a poem.  Force yourself to do it quickly and glue stick them down!
Amazingly, these turned out so cool! I posted mine after the journal pages!  Did I tell you to check out Tamara's self-portrait pages? Well you should- they rock!  Opehlia has posted her Believe pages, go look! I'll be back later with next week's theme...


Tamara C said...

I'm Done!!! :)

I love your pages! They seem so you - so colorful and full of life!

I'm anxiously awaiting the next theme from my most favorite journal prompt gal! :)

Laume said...

My balancing act? Oh, you just don't wanna know! If it ever comes crashing down, I may never dig myself out.
You don't have an e-mail, so I'll just use your comments here - I saw your comment on By Light of Moon's OWOH post, about sharing your excitement about the inauguration with your 2nd grade students. I just want to give you a kudos and a hug for that even though we don't know each other. I'm just so frustrated and annoyed at our local schools for, as far as I can tell, pretending the recent election didn't even happen. We live in a conservative little town in northern CA and not one of my son's teachers has mentioned anything about it at all. And we're not talking elementary school here, he's a junior in high school. NONE of his friends teachers have said anything either, as I've polled them all. My son takes AMERICAN HISTORY this year. You'd think, regardless of who you might have personally voted for, just one comment about "history being made" would have been in order, right? Grrrr! ARGH! So, I'm just happy to hear that there are teachers out here with open hearts and open minds, not afraid to share the world with their students. And now, stepping down from my soapbox. Thanks.