Sunday, January 25, 2009

Getting into the ZEN making Zendalas... New Weekly Journal Prompt!

First of all, let me say how much freakin' FUN I am having with Lisa's ONE WORLD ONE HEART event. I have been blog-hopping all over the place!  It is inspiring to bask in all the creative, loving, friendly vibes! Thanks to all of you who are participating!  My journal challenge this week was to make a zendala, and I am posting 2 of mine.  I found it very relaxing to work on these serendipitous designs! I even taught my second graders how to do these on Friday and they had fantastic results! They asked, "When can we do this again?!"  
This week in my blog travels, I have been completely bowled over by the expressions of GOODWILL, HOPE, and LOVE for our country!  After a year of feeling I had to supress my feelings and wishes for our country and the world, it  is wonderful to connect with so many who are feeling the same way as I do!  So, even though we had a recent DREAMS theme, I cannot get away from the theme of HOPE!  I think there is a subtle difference in expressing DREAMS and HOPES.  Dreams sometimes stay in the clouds, but hopes we can breathe  life into.
Let's try to focus on articulating our HOPES FOR THE FUTURE and HOW WE CAN BRING THAT HOPE  INTO OUR LIVES AS A REALITY !  Journal about your hopes and the plans you have for channeling that hope into action!


Jill said...

Hi Jen! I got turned onto these when Sandee posted one that she'd done. Your Zendalas are beautiful too. I have a small journal I've been carrying around and have been playing with these during lunch at work. They are addictive!

Two Dresses Studio said...

Jen - these are wonderful! I love what you've created! I tried them once (LOL) but you've given me some inspiration to try again!

Regarding your thoughts about the new president. I loved what you had to say about this. I was mentioning to my partner that I believe Obama's leadership will prove to be transformational and it will mark the beginning of a new era in history. I think back to the days of the "love ins" and I embrace the thought of a 21st century construct of the same intention. If you caught Andy Rooney on 60 minutes last night, he briefly commented on how no one is saying a bad word about Obama.
I believe people around the world will be 'protective' of him as opposed to critical.

RoseMary said...

Sorry for not keeping up with the weekly journal.
But the panel quilt and babysitting is full time.
Check it out

Love your new Zendalas

Ophelia said...

You have been busy and it all looks wonderful. Love your new look...and admire your faithfulness to blogging.

martha brown said...

Your banner looks great, Jen! Isn't OWOH fun?

Ande said...

These are totally awesome! I've never tried them before, but they look like so much fun!

I agree and think that this is the beginning of a new era. And isnt it so great to be apart of it?! Wow. My husband and I both feel that there has been a significant change in our country and the world just from the inauguration to present. I cant wait for whats coming in the future.

many blessings,

~Tracy~ said...

Wow lovely work ! I had to pop on over from Artchix and check out your refreshed blog. I LOVE the background and am very curious how you did it ? It looks like you've created 2 images, one for each side. I really need to recharge my blog too but for some reason I just cannot figure out how to do backgrounds properly, they always look out of whack. So I've left it the old way for now, will try again later.
I'll be saving your blog for later looking.
Take care,
Tracy :)

BunnyKissd said...

I found you through OWOH and love these! Adding your journal to my following list! ^-^

Renata Pacheco said...

I like this very much. I'll try to make one of them.