Monday, March 14, 2011

Hey Soul Sisters! I'm Gonna Really Miss Ya !

Here we are on Day one after giving our welcome gifts to each other! We are still waiting for Jacquie and Linda to join us! Elena is behind the camera!
Jen and Jacquie!
My beautiful friend Elena and I on the last night.
Here is the entire group after our day long workshop with Beatriz (she's in hot pink).

I just got home last night from a whirlwind 6 days of sharing,connecting,learning,discovering,
art-making,eating,drinking,laughing,gabbing,teasing,singing, and dancing at the KEYS4ART II hosted by the fabulous Elena Vigil-Farinas in Key Largo Florida! Oh my goodness, I am wandering around my house this morning trying to process everything we experienced this past week. It was truly a magical coming together of creative, beautiful women. A huge standing ovation to Elena, Nicole and Jacquie for ALL the planning and preparation that went into hosting this retreat. Everything was wonderful and the time went so quickly for all the long months of anticipation, list-making and problem-solving that are involved. All the details are very much appreciated and I will treasure every moment! Thank you to all of my friends who participated for the beautiful, thoughtful gifts. Thank you to the teachers who were so inspiring and generous! I will share a few favorite photos here and I know my friend Eileen will do a great day by day breakdown of the trip on her blog. I will do more posts later, but I am still buzzing from the collective creative energy of this group of amazing artists and people.


Anonymous said...

Yes, if your friend Eileen ever gets her head to stop spinning, she'll do that day-by-day blogging. LOL! I'm with you, girl, I'm just wandering around, staring at my still unpacked bags, wondering why it's so quiet here. No art sisters to talk to, no parrot calling me names, no Cuban coffee to wake me up. Man! We really all need to live closer together. Sigh.....

goodling4 said...

I am unpacking a little each day listening to your fabulous The Keys 4 ART CD, and loving it!!!! Thanks for taking the time to download wonderful music for us to remember YOU by!!!!
Love you Jen, more kudos to follow on the wonderful gift you gave each of us full of embellishments, trim and do dahs!!!! We do need to live closer. My mind is still in Key Largo.
XXO Gina