Friday, March 18, 2011

All Dolled UP !!!!!

Since I have a few days left of my vacation from teaching second grade, I've been holed up here making a glorious art mess all over my "dining" room table. I'm still on a creative high from my art retreat to Florida and I am missing my art peeps from the Keys! So.... I decided to bring them all here.Without further ado, I am pleased to introduce my art sistahs!
Come on over and play girls- Look! We can even stand up on my messy art table!
Val is coming from Michigan- It's sunny and warm here Val!
Tracy has her hat and scarf on in Washington, but she won't need it here!
Teri looks beautiful and ready for California in her sleeveless dress and bare feet!
Oui Oui Sue! Is that a French Poodle you're holding? How's the weather in Illinois?
Doesn't Sarah look like an innocent schoolgirl here? We know better Sarah! Sarah is our awesome Aussie( but we know she's a secret Kiwi as well)
Nicole was the baby of our group and with that smile who can resist Florida's sweetheart?
Marita looks like the super hot Daphne from Scooby Doo here doesn't she? Come on down from Oregon and visit the sunny southern California girl!
Lovely Linda is ready for some fun in the sun! I know you live by the ocean in Florida but you should check out the California waves!
Lillian is strutting her stuff all the way from Canada!
Long, lean and lanky Julie only needs to drive 25 minutes to get here!
Are we buying this sweet and innocent look from Jacquie? Hmmmmm?
Ingrid is rockin' the bohemian look all the way from Michagan!
Elena is feeling the rocker pirate vibe in Key Largo!
Mary TylerMoore has nothin' on our sassy Eileen from the Bronx!
Hey did you guys get the memo? Daisy doesn't do cutesy! But she is cute, isn't she?
Beatriz is sporting a springtime look down in Alabama! Absolutely adorable!

And last, but certainly not least, is the darling Gina ready to pop over from Oregon!


Valerie B. said...

The dolls are so fabulous! I just love all the outfits you made for all of us. (tee, hee)

Julie said...

Cute!!! It's been a crazy week for me Jen...getting ready for Glitterfest tomorrow! Are you off next week/

tracyozzie said...

These are great. I am rockin for sure in that outfit.
So glad I got to meet you. You are a crack up. Love your zest for life

Janet Ghio said...

These dolls are really fun!

goodling4 said...

Even if it's rainy in Oregon, my heart will always have a sunny warm spot for YOU, Jen!!! Did you ever think of fashion design as a job? Our outfits are runway we will just run away to you in So. Cal!!!Made my day!!!
XXO Gina G

Socrates said...

Jen! These are so fun. They look wonderful. what a great idea to use all the participants...

teri said...

Jen, you crack me up. You are a doll maker for SURE. I'm going to have to download these babies for future use...

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jen, you are a wonder! I LOVE them all, but mentioning my idol from my twenty-something days, Mary Tyler Moore, well, that is just special.

Elena said...

OMG! Jen!!! They are absolutely fabulous!!! I love them all!!!!

craftyM said...

Oh my! Are we ever a motley crew?... fun, zany and crazy and so like us! You have captured the essence of all the fun spirit in our group! What fun paper dolls you have made of all of us! You've been so productive while I've been just trying to make it through work to the weekend!
Love ya!

Ingrid Dijkers said...

Just wonderfully fabulously adorable!!!!soooooooooooo creative!!

Summerland Cottage Studio said...

...just visiting from Julie's blog
these are TOO CUTE & so creative !
You have obviously been on a creative high,
I LoVe when that happens.
Thanks for sharing the fun !

Monica said...

What fun, a fabulous memory.

lee said...

The girls look wonderful!

Sarah W said...

Love it. Now how does one get one sent to her place? And Jen, I am INNOCENT, yes really LOL!