Monday, December 20, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree!!!!

TaDa! Here is my sweet little
Marie themed tree. I made most of the embellished ornaments.
It's a tabletop tree and I LOVE it.
Now I'm on the hunt for a cool big white tree OR a silver
aluminum tree from the 50's!


inge said...

Hello Jen,

i think you are a pink girl !
I don't think your tree would suit my house :)
but it's lovely to see it !
The colors of your decorations match the tree perfect.
You must have enjoyed yourself a lot to make all these decorations.

You can take pictures of it and use it in a MA journal !!
Damn,you already worked in mine... but it would suit my journal perfect !

greetings from belgium

Anonymous said...

Oh Jen, it is just darling! There's not one snippet of pink in my house either, but I just love that tree!

teri said...

It's very sweet. I have a little white feather tree, an homage to my grandma's 1900's tree from Italy. (wish we still had it) I love your Victorian style ornaments.

Valerie B. said...

How very adorable! Just beautiful having them all on a white tree.

craftyM said...

I have 7ft white flocked tree that belonged to my mother. It's all decorated in blue and white and it's gorgeous... I love it, but we only did one tree this year, so it was the "family" tree with all the years of collected ornaments! But I LOVE this little pink Marie number. We found a cute little black tree my daughter wanted to get at Target to do in black and purple for fun!!! Love doing themed trees! I also have a red tinsel one!!! Yep, I have enough trees to do one per room... sick sick sick.... and I love love love it!!!