Saturday, October 3, 2009

Look how I used my tag to create the cover of my new We Dream In Color round robin book.
My colors are black, white and hot pink and my theme is BEAUTY. I used a black and white tweed cosmetic case for my book. The small case used to contain mini lip glosses and now holds the sign-in tags for my book. Eleven awesome artists will make a 2-page spread for my book and I will glue them together to make a long accordion style book that fits into my case.
I'm sure I won't be able to close my book when it comes home to me, but that's perfectly fine!

My buddy Peggy will be the first one to work in it and I KNOW she'll do something fabulous!


juls4real said...

Hey Jen,
Love your work, as always...Can't log on to facebook for some reason? Can't wait to talk to Melanie. I'll keep trying. Thank you.


Lorri said...

This is looking beautiful, so cute to see the little version too :)

Sharon said...

This is stupendous! Love the colors and what a wonderful collaborative effort!

Mija said...

You are a cute and clever girl! Love the book case idea! Hope you're doing great sweetie! XOX