Sunday, October 11, 2009

Halloween Rejects!

I thought I'd share my latest reject from submission-land. I made this accordion book for the vintage Halloween theme and I just got it back in the mail. I had fun making backgrounds and choosing vintage images to add to the book. This is the front cover...
the left page is an old cabinet card that I altered
Don't you just love creepy twins????
The right page says,"Which witch is which?"
and finally, the back cover, ooohh spooky!


peggy gatto said...

They lose!!!!
Glad I could see it!
Lots of fun ideas here!

Vangie said...


ScaryCheri said...

very cute, can't believe it's a reject. Looks tops in my book, lol, get it? lol. Hugz.Scary

catieann said...

hi jennifer
am slow to catch up on my favorite blogs. I love your halloween book---I am sorry it wasn't accepted.
Thank you for sharing with all of us.