Thursday, August 6, 2009

Adding color!

This week I added color to my graphite pencil sketches. I layered colored pencils and acrylic paint. I am trying to go with a distressed look but still show the shading to get some depth.
In my class, this is the middle step. Next, I need to work on a layered background and add
poetry. I thought I'd post these and get some feedback on this stage. I loved how the pencil drawings looked and they really changed when I added color. What do you think?


Tamara C said...

You are so talented, sweet girl!! Wow! These just take my breath away! Keep going! :)

BunnyKissd said...

I love the little flowery print things on the last one! Very pretty!

Diane said...

They are all lovely, Jen!

Marilyn said...

These are coming along quite nicely. What are you using for color? pencils? paint? I think I have to take this class.