Sunday, December 7, 2008

I'm Still Working on My Inner Diva Journal Pages-

I actually started my Christmas shopping this weekend AND put up my 9 foot tree.  I went to see the musical, Spring Awakening in L.A. Friday night and  I was stressing about not finishing my Goddess pages to share.  I got to thinking that ALL of us are so busy this month that I am declaring a royal time extension of another week to do this challenge. I REALLY want everyone to share and I will post YOUR pics on my blog.  Then we can all have a Diva celebration !This is just a little preview of my tree, I need to put all the ornaments on and then I will post a
picture of the whole shebang!  Happy creating dahlings!


Ophelia said...

Posted my "Diva" on my blog this morning...whew!!! I was pushing it...

RoseMary said...

I still have not started the Blessings page yet, I will keep a list of pages and work on them when I can, to much to do to get ready for our Christmas this weekend with our Youngest daughter and hubby, then birthday for grandson and then Christmas again with family and friends.

to Autumn Light Designs said...

Hi Jennifer,

Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful Diva package. Keep playing -- you will get picked! Loved everything you sent, and your blog is awesome. Cheers and happy holidays!

Tinker said...

Your tree's lookin' good, Jen! And as always, I'm blown away by how you squeeze each moment to make the most of life!
I just realized the Journal project you've been doing is YOUR challenge - silly me, I must have missed a VIP (very important post :) somewhere along the line...Great challenge idea - go you!!