Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday, Monday, da da, it's a new theme!

I hope you're hearing the Mamas and Papas song right now because that's what I was thinking when I wrote the title! OK my little band of faithful journalers, I know that
Peggy and Ophelia have posted their words to live by on their blogs. Thanks for sharing! 
This week we are all going to be busy getting ready for Thanksgiving and family visits. Let's try to carve out some time ( holiday pun!) to work in our journals.  In the midst of being bombarded with bad news and uncertainty we can all take a little time to COUNT OUR BLESSINGS!
Write or draw or collage the things that you love in your life! What is your cup overflowing with?
What do your family and friends bring to your life? What keeps you going during tough times?
What everyday experiences fill you with joy when you stop and pay attention?
I hope you all have a fabulous holiday weekend and enjoy the people you are celebrating with.
I am looking forward to sharing our collective gratitude lists and compelling journal pages. 


Clevelandgirlie said...

I've been working on my pages. will be posting them soon (Words to Live By) and now will begin thinking of what I'm Thankful For!!!

Love your pages and saw Ophelia's - hers are gorgeous too! This is so much fun.

Diane said...

Love your page & especially the combination of colors. Very nice!

Diana Evans said...

oh how sweet...lovely work and the colours are lovely!!!

RoseMary said...

I'm sorry I'm late with last mondays theme.
Count our Blessings
I look forward to counting

Ophelia said...

Hi Jennifer.... I love this page and the theme. I have posted pictures of my finished entry on my blog. Oh, how I wish we lived just have the greatest pages and awesome ideas. Maybe one day, our paths will cross...until then though (cyber sister) keep creating!!

barbara burkard said...

happy thanksgiving!!!

hugz and love!

Tinker said...

Thanks for the reminder to count our blessings - we're counting our dear friends among our blessings -- Happy Thanksgiving to you all!