Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Whirlwind Weekend to the East Coast!

Oh My Goodness! What a crazy weekend I had! I flew the red-eye after work Friday night
to arrive in Boston at 5:30 A.M. I wanted to see my son, Jamison, perform in his first tour!
He is playing multiple roles in the Theatreworks USA production of Junie B. Jones.
He plays Junie B.'s dad, the bus driver, Mr. Scary her first grade teacher, and Gladys Gutzman the Queen of Snacks ( lunch lady)!!!!

I saw the show with about 2,400 kids in New London. CT at a gorgeous theater called The Garde Arts Center. It was high energy hilarious fun. Since I teach second grade I am very familiar with the Junie B. Jones books. Of course, Gladys Gutzman brought down the house!!!
Here I am after the show with my handsome son!
This is an official looking building in Boston(?)
Here is the stage for the show and that is Junie B.'s giant journal that opens up to the classroom.
A very old, kinda spooky cemetary in Boston. We had a few hours Sunday to walk around Boston. I really need to come back with Dave and Weston so we can get the full Boston experience.
Jamison and Ed drove me to NYC Saturday evening and treated me to a Broadway show.
We saw Priscilla, Queen of the Desert! It was a magical, sparkly disco extravaganza!!!!
This is how I feel whenever I'm in Times Square!!
Jamison and Ed at the Cheers bar in Boston, where we toasted with Blue Moon beer.
Ed was a sublime host and did not complain once about ALL that driving!!!!
A big huge hug to both of you for a wonderful, wild, unforgettable time! Love you! OXOX


Monica said...

What a wonderful evening and a loving son who must be thrilled that you flew in for the show.

God Put The Diva In Me said...
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Anonymous said...

We had a terrific weekend with you! It was so nice to meet Jamison's Mom. Seeing Priscilla in NYC was amazing! It was a pleasure hosting you in our home. We welcome your return visit to CT with Dave and Weston.

peggy gatto said...

congratulations !!!
You have been so supportive of him over the years and you should be so proud!!!

Anonymous said...

Great weekend! Next time you're here, though, we HAVE to get together!

Elena said...

Wow!!! Jen!! What a great weekend!!! The love for your baby shines through your smile!!! I'm so happy that you got to have this experience!!!

Sue Young said...

How fun for both of you! Congratulations!