Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bathing Beauty Sunday

Maggie rarely looks right at the camera when I try to take her picture!
Can you see why we call Samson our polar bear?

Maggie is such a pretty girl, why oh why won't she look at the camera?!

You can see the blue film in her eyes, that was our first clue she was having vision problems.
Awwww! Look how cute our big boy is. We also call him our male model because although he got the looks, Maggie got the brains LOL!
Look how tired out Samson got just by getting washed, dried, and clipped!

My main goal today was to haul my two big doggies into the car and drive 20 minutes to the do-it-yourself dogwash, The Scrubby Puppy. Because my labs live in the house and don't get too dirty this is an occasional ordeal. They really needed their toenails clipped and we pay to have it done there. If you read my earlier post this year about Maggie's health crisis, you'll be happy to know that she is feeling and looking soooo much better. She has gained 20 pounds back and the insulin shots have regulated her glucose levels for the diabetes. The sad side effect is that
she has totally lost her eyesight in the last two months. We now have to be careful not to move the furniture around and keep unexpected items up off the floor so she won't run into them.
Maggie turned 7 years old April 12th and we are so happy to have her feeling better. We are all adjusting to her blindness, but as long as she seems happy and healthy everything's good.
Samson, our 95 pound "polar bear" is as lovable as ever. We have him on the same restricted diet as Maggie now and we hope he will slim down so he doesn't get diabetes as well! I love it when they are all freshly washed and blown dry and they smell like doggie conditioner!
I thought I'd share some pics of my bathing beauties Maggie and Samson.


lee said...

Excellent now they will be allowed up on your bed!

Edward Boyle said...

They both look so beautiful! I was going to get Jamison a polar bear lab puppy. He said he would have killed me as we aren't ready for another dog yet. So glad Maggie is feeling better. See you real soon. :-)

Anonymous said...

Your fur babies are beautiful! Glad Maggie is feeling so much better. I think I need to go on their diet. LOL!

teri said...

I love this post so much! What great photos -- so sweet - the model AND the brainy babe! They're lucky to have such a good mommy!

Elena said...

Well, you KNOW how i feel about dogs!! They are both gorgeous! Maggie is so young to have those health problems already! I have a geriatric ward in my house! Cindy, the chihuahua is almost 16, Bubbles, Yorkie, will be 14 this year and Scar - our pit - will be 17 next month!!! Cindy is the one with the eyesight issue but its cataracts! Your babies look great Jen!