Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Dreambox for Helga's challenge

I made this Dreambox today in response to Helga's blog challenge. I had to combine 3 of her previous challenges in one! O.K.- I was inspired by my loved ones,( my boys)I used pattern in the painting of the metal box, and I was inspired to make this project by looking at the very cool Dreamboxes from Helga's class at Art and Soul. I made transparencies from my boys current photos and made little birds from their newborn photos. I attached charms along the bottom edge. The word SOAR and the bird images and charms remind me of how they are flying away more every day. My greatest wish is that they will always soar into their futures.

The inside collage was difficult to photograph because of the reflective surface of the plastic transparencies.


juls4real said...

I really love the dream boxes you do. What a great sentiment for the boys. Good mama....

xo, juls

Maron said...

Hi Jennifer,
I had the same problem with photo glares until someone told me to turn off the flash when doing photos of my art. I thought the picture wouldn't take but it works like magic! Try it and let me know how you make out.
xo Maron #220