Sunday, August 24, 2008

Now you can listen to my kid sing!

My son, Jamison, is heading back to Connecticut tomorrow.  I am excited that he is starting his senior year, but I am always sad to see him go knowing he is on the other side of the country!
I posted a slide show of the play he was in this summer and many of my friends left such sweet comments.  This video was just posted on Youtube and it's Jamison's duet with Belle.  Now, you can hear the song, which is always nice when seeing part of a MUSICAL, huh? Thanks for indulging my inner mommy, these opportunities are farther and farther apart as the kids grow up.  **** You need to scroll to the bottom of the blog to click on the video! Don't forget to turn the Playlist off first. ********


peggy gatto said...

How terribly PROUD you must be!!!!! I loved it!

barbara burkard said...

...and do you feel the tears roll down your face as they perform? Just awesome! (as a funny sidenote
as i clicked on the utube video the strains of HEY NINETEEN began to play and i thought..hmm that's an interesting beauty and the beast interpertation! lol) My Kaleigh was my dramatic child...both off and on stage (had the leads in most plays) and now miss maddysen with her dance recitals...the tears of pride still flow as it is my first experience!) THANK YOU FOR SHARING!

Kelly said...

clap! clap! clap! that is so wonderful! i so happy i got see him, jen.

Birds of a Feather said...

bravo! very very nice!

Connecticut? Is he at Yale? If so, keep me updated on his shows - we try to see almost everything (we only live a few blocks from Yale Rep LOL).

Thanks for sharing!


missyray said...

You Rock!! Are you sure you wont make a myspace..come on, do it for me and my kids...

Pink Paris Match said...

Hey Jennifer!

What a lovely performance! I bet you are so proud! Thanks for sharing it! We simply must get together soon!

Julie Bergmann

Pilar said...

I am with Kelly: Clap clap clap!

When you get a chance, can you email me? You won one of my birthday giveaways. xoxoxoxopip