Friday, August 8, 2008

Here We Go- Up A Row !

I was inspired by another bloggers row houses and I tried making some of my own.  I haven't figured out how to add a click to the link in my post but I will add her to my favorites so you can check it out.  Her blog is called THE LAST DOOR...DOWN THE HALL.  She used vintage images,which I loved, but I wanted to use photos of my family.  They were really fun to make and add to over the past week.  I love to get ideas from other people and then put my own spin on them.  My Northern CA buddy, Tamara,was unable to make it to an art workshop in L.A. this weekend. She graciously offered to let me go in her place!  So...on Sunday I'll be meeting up with a few other art pals in North Hollywood for a Jesse Reno workshop.  It looks like we'll be having a wild time painting on BIG pieces! I'll be sure to take some pictures and share whatever it is I create.  I'm sorry you couldn't join us Tam, but thank you for the awesome RAK!  

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Ruth said...

Congratulations on your new blog!! Love looking at all your creativity!!