Monday, December 19, 2011

Fun Holiday Project !

I found a cool project to do with my art students in the book, Adventures in Mixed Media by Jane Davies. First, I made scribble painted paper and after it dried, I made these cute bird ornaments. My art club kids made the paper in one afternoon and the next meeting we made the birds. My friend, Sherrill, had her 3rd graders make them out of scrapbook patterned papers. She made sure the wings contrasted with the bodies and they turned out adorable.
The kids thought my face on the bird looked a little creepy. But, given the choice to add their face, many of them decided to go for it. You can make the bird's eye on one side and add a face on the other and hang it either way!


Anonymous said...

Wow,It amazing art.I really impress by art creativity.


RoseMary said...

I love your birds.