Sunday, July 10, 2011

Awesome Class with Teesha Moore!

Yesterday I drove to Carson to the Rubber Stamp Convention all by myself because I couldn't get anyone to go with me. I tried begging, bribing, whining...NOTHIN'! So... I got adventurous because I really wanted to take the 2 hour visual journaling class with Teesha Moore. I had taken a mini-workshop several years ago and I knew I liked Teesha's artistic and teaching style.

I was not disappointed! We got to work on a single journal page which I put right into the journal I brought with me and did a double page spread! Teesha talked about the steps she uses and her take on paper, paints,markers, pens, journaling,etc. It is always fun to work alongside creative people.
The first two photos are the pages I worked on at the workshop.
The pages below are some recent journal pages I've done.

After spending most of my time and energy on work and hosting my nephew's wedding reception last week, it was great to spend some time journaling! Art rocks!!!


peggy gatto said...

your art is so joyful and fun to see!!

Diane said...

Positively gorgeous Jen! I was planning on going but didn't make it. I believe my friend Minnie was in the class. Wonderful work!
xo Diane

Monica said...

Good for you, no use relying on others.

Ophelia said...

Oh, I can tell you had a blast!! Love your journal pages as always. What a real treat!!!

Lillian Mederak said...

Love your journal pages
lucky you... to get a class with Teesha