Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jamison's Golden Birthday

Hats off to my firstborn son, Jamison Earl Daniels, for reaching the milestone of his golden birthday! He is turning 24 on the 24th of February! Here's a little Benjamin Button style trip down memory lane starting at age 10 down to the day he was born. Click on the photos for close-ups!
Jamison is singing his signature song at the time, Angels Among us, with the Carousel Players at the Carousel Mall.

Here Jamison dressed as Peter Pan sings Never,Never Land. He was the only kindergartener to perform in the school talent show. There was only one little hitch in his program...
the fairy dust he had in his little bag refused to cooperate when he wanted to throw it out on the audience to end the number.
Here I am helping Jamison open his gifts at his second birthday party. Please note mom's fashionable 80's acid washed denim shirt and leggings!
And now for Birthday Party Number ONE!!!!!!

Our whole family was very amused because this really WAS the first time Jamison tasted
SUGAR! I was trying to be such a good mommy. His cousins Kyle and Lacey are the same age as Jamison and you can see them in the background of both of his parties. It looks like Lacey might be learning to walk here.
Jamison is sporting his first pair of Nike tennis shoes and he couldn't even walk, but they did match that outfit, right?
Awwww! Look how cute and chunky he got in just three months!
Jamison's big sister Sera loved holding him. Jamison's eyes were so big and round when he was a newborn we did start calling him ET.
This picture was the first time we looked at each other. The second one is Jamison's great grandma Dianne holding him. Happy Birthday Jamison from your family who was your very first audience. We are all still cheering you on every day. I love you, Mom


Bonnie said...

What a good mommy!!! Picture perfect

Edward Boyle said...

What a lovely "golden birthday" tribute from a wonderful and lovely Mommy. Thank You.

Diane said...

Beautiful post, Jen! Wish your baby boy a very happy birthday for me! xo Diane

Elena said...

Don't those years go by FAST??? I love the walk through memory lane! Life is good when you can do that isn't it? See you in a couple of days! Woo HOO!