Sunday, January 9, 2011

January journal pages!!!!!

I am so jazzed that I have kept up with the first 8 days of Milliande's January Journal prompts! She explored the theme of zebras for the first week. It's really cool to see how differently the theme is interpreted
by the artists who upload their work! So many great, inspiring ideas!
It is actually a miracle I got this far because my family has been dealing with a crisis this past week. Our 6 year old yellow lab, Maggie, was at the vet's fighting for her life for 5 days! I think the journaling kept me from freaking out! She is home now and we have a regimen of 5 kinds of pills several times a day and insulin shots twice a day. She is perking up a little but she has lost so much weight she is very weak.
All good thoughts and prayers for her are very welcome! Time will tell if I can complete
the journal challenges for the entire month. Wish me luck !!!!!


Diane said...

Love your journal pages Jen...they are wonderful! So sorry about your dog. It's tough to have a diabetic animal. I've had 1 dog with it & 2 cats. I was much more successful treating the dog than the cats. It's a terrible disease. Happy Sunday to you. Hugs, Diane

peggy gatto said...

your pages "sing"!!!
My dog simon is thinking of maggie(me too)