Friday, April 2, 2010

Journal Experiments

Happy Friday everyone! Here are the latest experiments in my art journaling adventure!I sketched this 3/4 profile face from a magazine photo during my son's piano lesson this week.
You'll need to click on it to see it properly. My scanner doesn't pick up pencil very well so I darkened it.
I colored this face with colored pencil and I can see I need to blend the neck more !
I drew this from my youngest son's baby picture and I know his head LOOKS big, I actually
drew in his features bigger than they were because he did have the biggest head ever! He is 15 and 6 feet tall so he did grow into that noggin. I colored this one with chalk.
Here is the second self-portrait stencil I made. It has more cuts so it made a more detailed
print. I'd love to hear any comments and I hope you all have a beautiful Easter weekend.

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Diane said...

These are great, Jen! You are really doing some great stuff!!
Happy Easter! Hugs, Diane