Saturday, July 18, 2009

Goddess and Poet Class begins...

I started my first on-line class this week. It's with Suzi Blu and it's called The Goddess and Poets. We are learning to draw stylistic faces and write poetry to do journal pages and pieces on wood.
I will post some of my first attempts here so you can see how it progresses. I hope I can get better with technique tips and lots of practice. On a purely fun note, I went out with 11 of my girlfriends to see the American Idol Tour concert last night. OMG- what a surprisingly great concert. No lip synching- everyone sang really good songs and they were all better than they were on the show. It was such a strong group to begin with and I think they have great coaching for the tour. Of course, I was most excited about Adam- my guyliner hero! He rocked the house!
Kris was adorable- Matt ( with the hat) was wonderful singing and playing the piano!
Lil Rounds gave a solid performance and sounded awesome. Danny has been working out and LOOKS great- he was singing more country. If you have a chance to see this concert- you should!


peggy gatto said...

You are off to a good start. I loved all your art from the mermie class! I am just getting started!

Marilyn said...

Very good!!! I'll be following your progress. Maybe I'll take a class from her to -- I am fascinated with faces. Well, maybe after I finish my Photoshop class.