Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm Baaack from New York!

I made it back Tuesday night and went straight back to work while trying to adjust 
to the time difference.  We had a fabulous short trip and managed to squeeze lots of " touristy" stuff in as well as enjoying Jamison's showcase!  The weather was absolutely gorgeous and everyone was very friendly and helpful.  My son did a great job in his show and his entire class was phenomenal!   We spent a few hours at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and I will plan to spend an entire DAY next time I go.  We stayed in Times Square and the energy there is so electric and different from where we live.
I was determined to spend some time in Central Park and was delighted to find it better in every way than I had imagined. It was so well-cared for and sparklingly clean. It truly is an oasis in that crowded city and I would LOVE to have anything close to that here. I am hoping to catch my breath this weekend and get back to posting more often.


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Sounds like you had a blast. I hope the showcase was a success, as well!

You found my favorite Central Park fountain! Did you also get to see the Alice in Wonderland sculpture?

paperqueen said...

Welcome back! I'm so glad my city treated you well. Love your photos; they make me want to go to Central Park. Maybe this week.../.

Ophelia said...

Your blog is still so wonderful. We must talk about it soon. Your trip looked fabulous. And I loved your mermaid class with Suzi (older post)
You are such an incredible artist.

peggy gatto said...

Looks like you had a fun time!
welcome home!

sandee said...

Now you can see why I wanted to come back home. Once an east coaster, always an east coaster. NY is a beautiful place!

I'm so happy you had a wonderful, albeit short, time. When you come here next time, I WANT TO SEE YOU!!!!!

barbara burkard said...

what a FUN TIME!!!

Diane said...

Welcome home! I LOVE your pictures. Looks like a wonderful time.